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UTC Demolition Derby

The Utah County Demolition Derby has been growing fast since the first event in 2008. The derby never had a design language to call their own and with the growing popularity and competition for drivers, because of all the demolition derby events in the state, the UTC Demolition Derby was in much need for a new image to bring hype for the 2018 season. I was able to provide a major overhaul to their brand that the UTC directors and fans fell in love with. We announced the new brand on social media with a prize winnings post to draw in drivers and fans, along with new profile pics and banners. This was a huge success with a rise in social media interaction and a record amount of drivers signing up for the event. They still needed to draw in ticket sales so I created a few more social media ads to announce ticket sales which had fantastic results. I collaborated with the lead IT technician at UTC to create a new and updated website that we launched the day tickets came on sale. We heard great feedback and created even more hype for the event.

This was an amazing brand to create and I look forward to continue building and growing it with them.

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