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Alpine Air Express Full Re-brand

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Alpine Air, a pioneering force in aviation, embarked on a revolutionary project—a cargo conversion of a 900 CU FT passenger aircraft. However, despite the innovation, the absence of a cohesive brand strategy posed a significant risk to the success of this endeavor. As the newly appointed Art Director, I undertook the challenge of not just rebranding Alpine Air but sculpting a visual narrative that would resonate with industry giants and secure lucrative contracts.

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Identifying the Challenge

The initial assessment revealed a critical gap between Alpine Air's groundbreaking venture and its branding. While the cargo conversion promised to reshape the market, the absence of a unified brand identity threatened to undermine its potential. Recognizing this disparity, I delved into a meticulous process of problem-solving and strategic planning.


Crafting the Solution

The rebranding process commenced with a comprehensive analysis of Alpine Air's core values, target audience, and competitive landscape. This foundational research laid the groundwork for a cohesive brand strategy that would encapsulate the essence of innovation and reliability. From conceptualizing a new logo symbolizing progress and dynamism to revamping the website to showcase the cargo conversion mod, every aspect of the brand received meticulous attention.

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The redesigned logo, modernized website, captivating aircraft livery, new social media visuals, and compelling print marketing materials were meticulously executed to ensure consistency across all touchpoints. Each element was meticulously tailored to resonate with key stakeholders and convey Alpine Air's commitment to excellence.

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